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What is ODP?

The Olympic Development Program (ODP) was created by U.S. Soccer around 25 years ago for two purposes:

  • to identify national team players at the youth level
  • to provide development opportunities for these potential national team players

To this day, these two core purposes, namely, identify and develop for the national team, have not changed. Many players, however, have also come to associate ODP with improved opportunities for playing collegiate soccer and getting college scholarships; this is because many college coaches work on ODP staff at the state, regional and national levels. Many college coaches scout players at ODP events as well. College coaches consider a player’s participation in ODP as an indicator of talent and soccer ambition.

For most age groups, the tryout process in Georgia starts with preliminary tryouts in September, followed immediately by state tryouts.

Some of the older age groups do not have preliminary tryouts due to a smaller number of players involved. In those instances, all the players go directly to the state tryouts.

The preliminary tryouts are open for all age-eligible players. Those who do well in the preliminary tryouts are invited to the state tryouts and are joined there by the players who were in the state pools in the previous year.

Typically, between 50 to 80 players are involved in a state tryout, depending on the age group. At the state tryouts, a state pool of 30 to 40 players is selected. (Note: the younger ages tend to have bigger pools than the older ages.)


ODP Coaching Staff and Administrators 

All coaches and  administrators who are selected to participate in the ODP program must undergo a mandatory online background check.  In order for Georgia Soccer to process this check, all coaches and administrators  must submit a registration profile to the program.

National Soccer Programs Explained

National League

Teams can get promoted from Classic and Athena divisions into the US Youth Soccer National League. US Youth Soccer is the largest and oldest youth soccer league in the country. Georgia is in a conference with North Carolina and South Carolina, which limits travel and provides top level competition from teams from those states who have also earned the right to play in the National League. The National League also provides elite showcases for the top teams from all 50 states. The showcase National League events bring in hundreds of college coaches, pro scouts, and U.S. Soccer national team scouts. 

Georgia Premier League (GPL)

The purpose of the Georgia Premier League is to provide the highest standards for the most competitive match environment possible among the best teams in Georgia Soccer, in preparation for National League play, in terms of quality, organizational structure and culture of excellence with appropriate alignment for the level number of games through a full season of play.

The league’s inaugural season started with the 13U age group and an 11 game Fall season; 12 teams playing each other once with the plan to increase that across all divisions for both boys and girls, in a home/away format, while providing the feeder/pathway into national-level play.

The GPL will provide the ideal transition level for teams moving down from the National League and will create a high-level of competitive matches within the state, in support of high-quality club teams in their goals to: play one game each week, avoid long disruptive time gaps of several weeks between games and avoid the time and expense of multiple games per weekend for consecutive weekends (whenever possible).

Additionally, the GPL will be supported by a higher branding impact and will showcase opportunities for teams and clubs that earn the opportunity to participate.

The 12U Competitive League is assigned to be the Pre-GPL that will provide the natural developmental step towards the GPL and utilizing the highly successful format.

Pre-Georgia Premier League (Pre-GPL)

The purpose of the Pre-Georgia Premier League is to create the most competitive match environment possible, in preparation for the 13U GPL Select seeding for both boys and girls divisions, by identifying the most competitive teams before the transition to Select play and maintaining the principles of the Academy philosophy that have served our membership so well. In other words, we aim to find that sweet spot, the perfect balance between the clear need for results and the pressure of the consequence from those results.

Classic and Athena 

At 13U-19U Georgia Soccer offers Select Leagues. Our Classic league for boys has 5 divisions and our Athena league for girls has 4 divisions. A team can start in the lowest division and get promoted all the way to the top Classic 1 and Athena A divisions based on your play.


Most of our clubs offer Academy-level play for ages 9U-12U. This provides more practice, better coaching, and more competitive games in an environment where we keep score but not records. Academy focuses on player development.


Almost all players start in recreational soccer; some play recreational all their lives. We have recreational programs for ages 3-80.

*Note: Some Georgia Soccer clubs also offer other programs such as ECNL, NPL, and SCCL. These programs do not offer promotion from one into the next, it is one team per club in each league. Most clubs who offer these programs put the top team in ECNL, the second team in NPL, and the third team in the new SCCL. The ECNL has historically had a strong girls program. The boys ECNL program is new last year and is not as strong as the girls ECNL. We have tried to provide guidance to where these programs fall compared to Georgia Soccer and US Youth Soccer programs. It is always the case that the best team from one division might be better than the last place team from another division, but we are providing this chart as a guide for parents.

Scholarship Opportunities

Insurance Claim Process

This memo should be used to advise all league members (coaches, officials, players, parents) of the procedure that needs to be followed to ensure that all medical insurance claims are processed properly.
Georgia Soccer-Youth maintains medical injury insurance for all registered members.  Claims are electronically filed and then processed through our insurance company. If the steps listed below are met, medical insurance claims can be processed timely and accurately. 
We offer secondary insurance coverage with Pullen Insurance. You should file with your primary insurance company first.   You will file a claim, with our insurance company, for any remaining balances and/or out of pocket costs incurred.  Coverage is applicable for 52 weeks from the date of injury. 
Our deductible per claim is $1,500.00.  This is in addition to any deductible that the primary insurance company already has.  The deductible can be paid or it can be met through out of pocket expenses and/or any additional charges that have been incurred. Each claim is also subject to the application of an 80/20 co-insurance provision.  We cover most expenses to include, but not limited to, casts, braces, sprains, and physical therapy.
If it seems that the medical treatment is going to continue over a significant period of time, we do not recommend that the parent wait until all services are complete to file.  The claim with our insurance company can be filed immediately after the case report has been received and verified by our office.  It is much easier for the parent to add additional charges to an already active claim than it is to initially get the claim started.

Filing Medical Insurance Claims

The Report of Injury needs to be electronically completed by the coach, assistant coach, or team manager, not the parent.  The coach should fill out the injury form for ALL injuries.  Many times what does not look so bad on the field later turns out to be quite serious. Please click here for the Pullenins Accident Medical Claim form, then Georgia Soccer. 

In order to complete the case report you must have the following information:

  • Player name, address, date of birth and player ID number 
  • Parent name and email
  • League and Team information
  • Specific description of body part injured (ie: right ankle)
  • Details of what occurred to cause injury
  • Case report of injury must be completed by a league official (coach, team manager, referee, etc.) and not the parent.

Once the injury report is received, Georgia Soccer will verify and forward it to the insurance company.   The coach will receive notification that the injury report has been received and approved or disapproved.  If disapproved, coach needs to make corrections and re-submit form or contact us to update information. 

The insurance claim form is then emailed to the parent to complete. It is usually sent within 1-3 business days. Sometimes the email will go to the junk/spam box. If not immediately received, please check there. 

The parent then completes the claim form online.  After completing the form, the parent should print and sign the claim form.  Attach the completed claim form, a copy of all itemized bills and an explanation of benefits and mail directly to Pullen Insurance.  Please do not return information to Georgia Soccer.

From speaking to parents, we have received very positive information that claims are usually processed and completed with our insurance quite efficiently.  If, at any time, a parent is unsatisfied with the service, they should contact Georgia Soccer immediately.

Depending on the circumstances, some exceptions are made to the above listed procedures. If you have a parent that has particular circumstances or questions about our coverage, if there is no primary insurance coverage available, or if further assistance is needed, please contact Jade Beaulieu, Director of Operations.

Submitting a Youth Soccer Accident Claim Form

  1. Complete ALL questions on the Accident Claim Form. Note: This must be done by a coach, assistant coach or team manager.
  2. File this new report of claim within 30 days of the date of accident or as soon thereafter as is reasonably possible.
  3. Once injury form received and approved, an email with the claim form will be sent to the parent. 
  4. If you have other insurance, submit your itemized bills to the other carrier first. You will receive a payment Explanation of Benefit worksheet (EOB) from your carrier. Do NOT wait until your other carrier has processed all your bills before filing a Youth Soccer Accident Claim Form.
  5. You may attach itemized bills and your other carrier’s EOBs that are ready at the time of submitting this Claim Form.
  6. Upon receipt of the claim form from your state association we will forward an acknowledgement form advising you of your claim. All future correspondence concerning your claim should be directed to K&K Insurance, who is the claims payor for National Union Fire Insurance Company, at the address and phone number listed on your acknowledgement.

Helpful Reminders

Each claim is also subject to the application of an 80/20 co-insurance provision with a $50 physical therapy/chiropractic limit per visit/$2,000 total maximum.

Each itemized bill MUST show the following:

Provider of Service Name
Date of Service
Provider's Address
Diagnosis Description or Codes (ICD-9)
Provider's Federal Tax ID #
Procedure Description or Codes (CPT)
Provider's Telephone #
Charge for each Procedure
Additional bills to be submitted at a later date (after the initial submission of your claim) should be mailed directly to K&K Insurance with the following information: Name of the claimant, date of the accident and name of the State Youth Soccer Association.

Please allow time to properly process your claim.

Please respond promptly to any correspondence requesting additional information. It is the Parent / Guardian / Claimant’s responsibility to request this information from the provider of service or from your primary carrier.

An Explanation of Benefits will be sent to you by K&K Insurance on behalf of National Union Fire Insurance Company.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an itemized bill?
    An itemized bill is a detail of the procedures performed by a licensed provider of service, i.e. Hospital, Clinic, Physician, etc.

  • What if I don’t have an itemized bill?
    The Parent/Guardian must request this information from the provider of service. Some providers only mail a balance due statement. This claims payor, K&K insurance, is unable to process this charge without an itemized bill. Again, request this information from the provider service. Explain that you have Youth Soccer Excess Accident Coverage.

  • Can you process this claim with other insurance carrier’s worksheet alone?
    No, the Payment Explanation (EOB) from your other insurance does not have complete information to process this claim.

  • What if I don’t have my other carrier’s payment explanation (EOB)?
    The Parent/Guardian must request the EOB from their other insurance carrier.

  • Who do I contact if I need further assistance?

    State Association Contact
    Pullen Insurance Contact
    Georgia State Soccer Assoc.
    Pullen Insurance
    2323 Perimeter Park Drive NE
    2560 River Park Plaza, Suite 300
    Atlanta, GA 30341
    Fort Worth, TX 76116
    ATTN: Jade Beaulieu
    ATTN: Cecilia McDonald
    (678) 993-2111
    (817) 738-6100
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